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White, Yellow or Pink Gold – Should They Have Different Prices?

White, Yellow or Pink Gold – Should They Have Different Prices?

The Colours & Karats of Gold Explained


When it comes to gold jewellery one of the most common misconceptions we often hear about is this: people think that white gold should cost more than yellow or rose gold. Or vice versa, it doesn’t matter about which color they think they should pay more or less, in either case, they are wrong. You should not pay more because of the colour. The only factor that determines the different prices is the “Karat” – which tells the percentage of pure gold found in your jewelry.


This post will explain You:

what are the standard Karats of gold and how they influence the quality and price of your jewelry.

how the different colors of gold are created


The Karats of The Gold: 9K,14K, 18K, 24K Gold – What Do They Mean?


Because the 24K pure gold is too soft we need to mix it with other metals to make durable jewelry. Any karat other than the 24K is called an “alloy”.

9K gold is not even considered gold in some countries, like for example in the U.S. It is the cheapest alloy because it contains only 9 parts of pure gold and 15 parts other metals. The jewelry made from it is prone to be affected by weather conditions and in contact with water. At Zehava we never use this type of alloy, we prefer 14K or 18K depending on our clients’ desires, needs and budget.


The most used alloys for jewelry are 14K and 18K.


14K gold means there are 14 parts pure gold mixed with 10 parts other metals. This type of alloy is durable under any kind of weather conditions and in contact with water.


18K gold means are 18 parts pure gold mixed with 6 parts other metals. The quantity of pure gold is 75%. This type of gold costs more than the 14K because it contains more pure gold. It is also a bit softer and has richer colours.


How the Different Colours of Gold are Created


Let’s clarify one thing once and for all – natural, pure gold comes in only one color: yellow. All the other various color are made by mixing pure 24K gold with other metals. These are: copper, silver, zinc or nickel. Now, in order to obtain the white or rose gold we mix different percentages of these metals with the pure yellow gold.


Rose Gold


Rose or pink gold is made by increasing the percentage of copper-colored alloys and decreasing the silver ones. It can be made in both 14K or 18K, with the mention that the 14K has a more intense rose color.





White Gold


As you might have guessed after reading about how pink gold is made, the white gold is obtained by decreasing the copper percentage and using more of the white color metals: silver, zinc, nickel. The white gold is also available in both 14K or 18K.




Yellow Gold


The pure 24K gold is yellow. But we can’t use is as such because it is too soft. The 14K or 18K yellow gold contains gold, silver and copper in various proportions in order to make it hard enough for jewelry and keep it’s bright, yellow color.


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So there you go. You know now that you should not pay a different price for gold because of its different colors. Whether it is gold, white or rose it should cost the same. The difference in price comes from the different pure gold percentages found in your jewelry. The higher the karat or the percentage of pure gold, the bigger the price.

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