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Diamonds: The 5 Things Everyone Should Know When Buying Diamond Jewellery

When someone says “diamonds are…” most of us will instantly see in our mind Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”.

While I don’t agree with the legendary Marilyn on this one, I do admit diamonds are among the most beautiful and desired stones for creating exquisite jewellery.

And because they come in so many shapes and sizes, you can mix and match according to your budget, style and preferences.

Wether you are aiming for a delicate ring with small diamonds, or for a more daring one with bigger and brighter stones, you should keep in mind these things to avoid any unpleasant experience and to be sure you get exactly what you pay for.

The 4C’s of Diamonds Explained

You’ve probably heard before about the 4C’s of the diamond. Let’s clarify them one by one so you know exactly what each one means for you. The 4C are 4 parameters that characterise the quality of a diamond.

The Cut

The Cut refers to the shape of the cut and the level of the finishing. It’s the cut of a diamond that determines how much light is reflected back to the wearer, directly impacting its brilliance.

Zehava - Diamond cut chart

So you need to aim for the ideal cut when looking for a diamond. A too shallow or too deep cut will turn any diamond into a dull one, lacking brilliance and fire.

The Carat

The Carat is actually the weight of the diamond. The bigger the carat, the more expensive the diamond. But, bear in mind the type of cut, and don’t fall for a big but dull diamond. We prefer quality over quantity so we always choose the best cut diamonds, even if that means less carats.

Zehava Diamond Carat chart

The Colour

The Colour – we call this colour and transparency (clearness). The whiter and the more transparent the diamond is, the higher the price. Keep in mind there are different colours of diamonds, ranging from white or transparent to champagne or black.

You can see in the chart bellow the grading and codes for colours in diamonds, so you know what it means when you see those letters in the description of a diamond.

Zehava Diamonds Colour chart

The Clarity

The Clarity – this defines the degree in which the diamond has impurities or inclusions. Less impurities, cleaner diamond, higher price. See the chart bellow to understand the gradings for clarity. We always work with VS or higher clarity diamonds when crafting our jewellery.

Zehava Diamond Clarity Chart

So this is very briefly what those 4C’s are about when choosing your diamond jewellery. Let’s get to the next tips you should know about diamonds.

Questions To Ask The Seller About The Diamond

Ask if the diamond has been treated.  

What does this mean? It means that the impurities have been cleaned, treated or the colour has been artificially changed. If this is the case, the seller has the obligation to tell you and the importance for you it is that such a diamond should be between 20-35% cheaper than a not-treated one.

Ask for the International Gemology Certificate

If you plan to buy a big diamond, above 0,50 carat, I recommend you to ask for the International Gemology Certificate. Like for example G.I.A. (American Institute) or E.G.L. (European Institute). You might be asked to pay for that but it is worth it because we are talking about a big investment.

This certificate will have written on it the cut and the quality of the diamond that you buy.

The warranty certificate

It’s important to make sure you receive a warranty certificate from the designer or the shop for the ring and all its parts: the gold, the diamond, and the personal design. The warranty certificate will be useful for you to ensure you of the quality of the gold and also for insurance purpose.

Finally, be careful about the shop you are buying in.

The shop. Buy smart, avoid forgery! Buying a ring from a shop you saw in a magazine ad or from a shop that you don’t know much about is not recommended. Because you actually don’t know what you are buying. The diamond market is loaded with fakes like in any other market that involves a lot of money.

Let’s Sum It Up

When going shopping for diamond jewellery make sure you do your homework before.

Learn about the 4C’s and what they mean: colour, cut, clarity, carat

Ask the right questions:

Has the diamond been treated?

If it’s above 0.50 carat – ask for a G.I.A or E.G.L. certification

Ask for a warranty certificate

Finally – Be wise about the shop, use your brain and your gut and shop in a trusted place.

Now go and get the best diamond for you or your loved one,

Keep shining!

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