Are You Looking for jewelry in the right places?

When you go to a big jewelry shop in a mall, let’s say, You are just a viewer. You can’t influence what’s already on display. You can only look, try and if it fits you and you like it, you buy it. But so do millions of other women. Especially in the case of mass production jewelry, chances are your favorite diamond ring is also the favorite of thousands of other women. Would you like to go to a party and discover someone wearing the exact same dress? Hell, no! Why would you accept this when it come to your jewellery?


Why not try something that is made exactly how you want it? A piece of jewelry that is born out of your unique style, taste, life experience and desires? A piece that will reflect your personality and that you can proudly wear anytime, anywhere, knowing for sure that nobody else has the exact same piece.


Because in the hand crafted jewelry, even if we make 2 rings with the same design, they will not be identical. It’s like making your favorite pesto pasta recipe twice. Does it always taste exactly the same? No. Because every time you add something more or less, an extra spice or modify the cooking time for just one minute. And every time it’s a different experience a slightly different flavour.


That’s how pretty much making hand crafted, customised fine jewellery feels for us. Every client is unique, and has it’s own story. We love to get to know our customers, their stories, so we can reflect that in the jewelry we create for them.




  1. Personalised, unique design. Made just for you. Like in nobody else will have the exact same piece you are wearing.
  2. The personal connection with the designer and your contribution to the creative process. You become the co-creator of your jewelry.
  3. The option to trade in old gold for a part of the price of the new jewelry.
  4. You get to wear jewellery that has a soul, a unique story – your story.
  5. The infinite possibilities to design, redesign, change and adapt your jewelry to your evolving self throughout the years.

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